Trash Assortment - City Of Cambridge MA

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All waste should be set out by 7AM in your assortment day, or after 6PM the night before. Should you assume any waste assortment was missed, please report it at CambridgeMA.Gov/311 (most popular) or go away a voicemail at 617-349-4800. Leave supplies on the curb and pickup might be carried out by the top of the subsequent assortment day.

A simple know-how
The Trash Wheels make use of a straightforward know-how: A big water mill is turned by the flowing river which powers a system of pulleys that turn a large conveyor belt and an array of rakes which help scoop floating debris onto the conveyor belt as trash floats down stream. The trash wheel has 2 lengthy floating buoys which lure garbage that is floating on the surface and funnels it into the mouth of Mr. Trash Wheel. From there it gets carried up the conveyor belt and emptied into a big dumpster. A small crew easily removes and empties the floating dumpsters as they get full.

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